FunTech produces different models of ancient horses, following the original style. For example, the figurines have all the original details, the flowers, the stones, some with glass eyes and the horseshoe tail. They offer an affordable alternative to some of the most expensive and most beautiful horses. Unique and impressive artworks will definitely give the amusement park or the malls magnificent vigor and joy.


The figurines have a thickness of 7 - 8 mm, they are made of glass fiber and are resistant to continuous wear, blows, bad weather, etc. The textures of the harnesses are prominent for a modern design, the scabs are highlighted. Personalization of each figure can be done according to customer requirements.
Paint may be water based (acrylic) or solvent based (alchidic).
The hoods that go to the head can be customized from textile, leather, etc.
The figurines are based on a fiber-reinforced iron support with prominent ornaments. For protection, the safety belts are wrapped in sponge or soft rubber.

Full-size carousel horses are fully formed and painted. Made of lightweight glass with hand-painted details such as long, sleek eyes, cloaks and tails, carousel horses are a wonderful blend of art, culture and history. Large-scale carousel animals are made of glass fiber (FRP) with environmental, corrosion resistance, high strength and stability characteristics that will last for a long time. The superior quality of the product will prolong the service life and save you maintenance costs.

În zilele noastre, carusele antice originale sunt utilaje pe cale de dispariție. Puține sunt in stare de functionare și unele sunt doar pentru colectie și expoziție. Cu toate acestea, ele sunt inca ravnite.

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